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Thursday, October 19, 2023


 I'm just letting my listeners know that the "Now Playing" and "Recently Played" widgets on the station's webpage have been updated to newer versions, mainly because I had no choice. The old versions are being phased out to the point where artist images were completely eliminated, and I don't even have the ability to custom-upload my own image choices on them.

The new versions have a fairly reliable stock library of artist images, and I can upload my own when necessary; obviously, the more obscure the artist is, the less likely the stock library will have something. I can't stop you from mentioning that an artist's image is missing or could be better, but trust me, I am well aware of the issues and will strive to perfect them the best I can. 

Most artist images will have biographies attached to them on the "Now Playing" widget, and all tracks on that widget have a Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down feature. The "Now Playing" widget has a player attached to the top of it if you don't want to click on the blue "Listen Now" button above it(which leads to a more robust player, but that's just my opinion). Gone are the Wikipedia, "Tweet Song" and Amazon purchase links; the widget developers probably don't think they're relevant anymore, and they're probably right. Everyone knows how to use Wikipedia and Mr. Musk made it financially impossible for anyone to autopost on X/Twitter anymore.

The "Recently Played" widget shows a history of the last 100 tracks played. It refreshes at a rate of every 90 seconds, and I can't do much more than that without the distinct possibility of the widget missing a track. Be aware that the refresh isn't instantaneous due to the sheer volume of tracks in the history. 100 tracks is the maximum capability, so please don't ask me if it can show the last three days, the last week, etc.

I apologize if I don't sound overly positive about these changes. Maybe I'm in the minority, but it seems to me that these days the phrase "New And Improved," whether it refers to technology or the foods we eat, isn't worth a hill of beans anymore. I MISS THE OLD, and that especially means the pre-2016 days of internet radio. I'll let Satchmo conclude this post: "And I think to myself, what a wonderful world..."

UPDATE: After hearing such phrases as "craptastic" and "amateurish," I have reverted back to the old widgets. Hopefully, the company I deal with will at the very least let me upload my own artist images to them if they do in fact no longer have access to the old third party image provider.

Monday, October 16, 2023


 Just before going through an agent and answering the casting call for a new Screen Gems TV show called "The Monkees," Micky Dolenz was fronting two nightclub acts in California: Micky And The One-Nighters and The Missing Links. Someone apparently saw The Missing Links and asked Micky if he would be interested in laying down a couple of tracks for Challenge Records(home of The Knickerbockers, one of my favorite 60's acts). Micky's group didn't sound professional enough, so members of The Wrecking Crew were called in to help(including Glen Campbell on guitar).

The two tracks that were recorded were today's featured number, the playfully suggestive garage rocker "Don't Do It," and "Huff Puff," which sounded like a somewhat angry and snarly Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs. Even though recorded in 1965, they remained unreleased until 1967. A little phenomenon called Monkeemania was happening then, and at the time it seemed like anything that had The Monkees' name on it stood a great chance at being a smash. Challenge Records tried to cash in on the phenomenon and put out "Don't Do It" first; even though it went top 10 on radio station surveys in Hawaii and Kentucky, it only managed a #75 peak on the Billboard Hot 100 on 4/1/67. "Huff Puff" came out a little later with the same picture sleeve in a different color, and let's just say that it didn't even come close to blowing up on the charts.

This will be part of The Retro Attic's rotation today along with 12 other oldies from the 50's through the 70's. Thanks for listening and showing your support! 

 Micky Dolenz - Don't Do It

Monday, May 1, 2023


 Usually when a newer version of a classic oldies act releases a new album and includes remakes, you can tell right away that it's a half-baked effort. Not so with this one! The doo wop and street corner vocal harmonies are top notch, and Gary Owens is a heckuva sax player! This particular album isn't available on any of the streaming platforms and doesn't come up for sale very often, so if you would like to help out The Retro Attic, then please feel free to place a bid! The Diamonds We're Still Rockin'

Thursday, October 27, 2022

ALBUM REVIEW: Dion - Born To Be With You - 1975(Phil Spector International Records)

 Dion DiMucci spent the late 60's and a good chunk of the 70's rediscovering himself after years of chemical dependency; this was achieved through a series of albums targeted toward the MOR/AC market. This particular album was a fine example of his new introspective approach and will mainly appeal to those listeners who need to tune out from life for a half hour by retreating to their dimly lit den. 9 times out of 10, the source of our own problem(s) is in our back yard, whether that back yard is in our mind or at a physical homestead.

A good 3/4 of this album has a murky, dirge-like sound, thanks mainly guessed it...the Phil Spector Wall Of Sound. Listening to these tracks reminds me of Jackie DeShannon's version of "The Weight" sparring with George Harrison's "Bangla Desh." If you're looking for a little peppiness and a small reminder of Dion's teen idol Laurie Records era, then the only track that qualifies is the eighth and final track, "Good Lovin' Man."

2 of the tracks have a clearer production and sound to me like early James Taylor meeting Jim Croce("Your Own Back Yard" and "New York City Song"). "Your Own Back Yard" will probably stand out for you from the rest of the pack, and rightfully so; it had previously been released as a non-LP single in 1970 on Warner Brothers. The rest of the tracks were recorded in 1974.

Please note that the below streaming link pairs the album with his 1976 effort "Streetheart" as well as a Phil Spector involved non-LP 1976 single(track 9).

Stay tuned for more album or single reviews in the future and keep rediscovering those lost oldies on The Retro Attic!

PURCHASE: Born To Be With You on Amazon

SPOTIFY: Born To Be With You on Spotify

SINGLE CURRENTLY IN THE RETRO ATTIC'S ROTATION: Your Own Back Yard - peaked at #75 in Billboard on 7/3/70. And we have it in stereo(mono is much more common)!

Monday, May 9, 2022


 My two licensed internet radio stations, The Retro Attic and Awfully Awesome 80's, are looking for sponsors. For an extremely low monthly rate(a choice of having your ad run either 5 times a week or 10 times a week on the station), I will produce a 30 second ad that can be dry or that can include background music. I can also offer a sidebar ad for your business(with a clickable link) on one of my websites for a slightly higher monthly rate.

I am looking for specific types of sponsors that, like me, are devoted to keeping oldies and 80's music alive and well:

 1. Used record/compact disc stores across the USA that cater to tourists and/or sell their titles online.

 2. Flea market vendors across the USA that deal exclusively with vinyl and compact discs.

 3. Oldies and 80's related tribute bands that tour either nationally or only in specific areas of the USA.

 4. Long-lost artists from the 50's through the 80's that have new music or books they want to promote, but don't have the time or know-how to do it.

I would be open to discussion on other types of sponsors(such as a pest control business or a restaurant), but only if you have a reputable business with good intentions.

My stations have been around for anywhere from 8-11 years and can reach a worldwide audience; some people will tell you that I'm obviously devoted to yesteryear since I love concentrating on those hits and artists that most other oldies stations no longer touch! I know that some of my listeners love to travel, buy records and see tribute shows, so as CSN once said: "What have you got to lose?"

If you're interested in learning more, then please PM me through Facebook or use the contact form and/or chat function on my websites( and As Canned Heat once said: "Let's work together" and build an oldies-devoted network!

Please also note that if you would like to support my stations through other methods, then I do accept donations(one-time or a monthly subscription) through the Paypal buttons on my website. You can also show your support by checking out my auctions and set sales on E-Bay(please see the sidebar listing on this site or search on E-Bay for the seller ID of "retroatticmusic"); maybe I will have a collectible that will interest you!

Wednesday, May 4, 2022


 As you will see, I am starting to make a habit out of adding more oldies "standards." Listeners, for the most part, want familiarity when they tune in. That way, they stand a better chance at being amazed when they hear a lost single as the next track. At least I hope so! Anyways, here are The Retro Attic's latest adds:

1910 Fruitgum Company - Simon Says - Mono Single Mix

The Allman Brothers Band - Crazy Love

America - A Horse With No Name

America - Sister Golden Hair

Bad Company - Feel Like Makin' Love

Bad Company - Silver, Blue & Gold

The Band - Don't Do It

Barnaby Bye - Can't Live This Way

Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger - Single Mix

Archie Bell & The Drells - I Can't Stop Dancing

The Blue Ridge Rangers - Jambalaya(On The Bayou)

Jimmy Buffett - Come Monday

Jimmy Buffett - Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes

Glen Campbell - Where's The Playground Susie

Bernadette Carroll - Party Girl

Alvin Cash & The Crawlers - Twine Time

Ray Charles - One Mint Julep

Chicago - Free

Jim Croce - Chain Gang Medley

Vic Damone - An Affair To Remember(Our Love Affair)

Mac Davis - Burnin' Thing

Joey Dee & The Starliters - What Kind Of Love Is This

John Denver - It Makes Me Giggle

Neil Diamond - Soolaimon(African Trilogy II)

The Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin'

The Dramatics - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get

Earth, Wind & Fire - Fantasy

Earth, Wind & Fire - Got To Get You Into My Life

The Four Lads - Enchanted Island

Doug Franklin With The Bluenotes - My Lucky Love

Freddie & The Dreamers - I'm Telling You Now

Freddie & The Dreamers - You Were Made For Me

J. Geils Band - Must Of Got Lost - Full Length

Golden Earring - Radar Love - Full Length

Good & Plenty - Livin' In A World Of Make Believe

Rosco Gordon - Shoobie Oobie

Noel Harrison - A Young Girl

Deane Hawley - Look For A Star

Hot Tuna - Keep On Truckin'

Janis Ian - Insanity Comes Quietly To The Structured Mind

The Ikettes - I'm Blue(The Gong Gong Song)

The Jackson 5 - Maybe Tomorrow

Billy Joel - Piano Man

LaBelle - What Can I Do For You?

Denise LaSalle - Trapped By A Thing Called Love

Led Zeppelin - Black Dog

Kenny Loggins - Whenever I Call You Friend

Kenny Loggins - This Is It

The Lovelites - How Can I Tell My Mom And Dad

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Blinded By The Light - Full Length

Al Martino - Living A Lie

Mashmakhan - As The Years Go By

Paul McCartney & Wings - Jet

Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Meat Loaf - You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth(Hot Summer Night)

The Messengers - Window Shopping

Chad Mitchell Trio - The Marvelous Toy

Tim Moore - Second Avenue

Ormandy - Good Day

Donny Osmond - I Have A Dream

The Osmonds - Love Me For A Reason

The Partridge Family - I Woke Up In Love This Morning

Pointer Sisters - Going Down Slowly

Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side

Bobby Rydell - Swingin' School

Leo Sayer - You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

The Shirelles - Soldier Boy

Paul Simon - Kodachrome

The Steelers - Get It From The Bottom

The Sunshine Company - Look, Here Comes The Sun

The Temptations - Ungena Za Ulimwengu(Unite The World)

Three Dog Night - Play Something Sweet(Brickyard Blues)

Thomas Wayne - Tragedy

Deniece Williams - Baby, Baby My Love's All For You

Wings - Live And Let Die

Monday, December 6, 2021


Here are the latest new adds to The Retro Attic's rotation to close out 2021. I hope everyone has Happy Holidays and I look forward to adding new bunches of classic and forgotten nuggets in 2022! 

Chad Allen - Little Lonely

The Allisons - Are You Sure

The Archies - Feelin' So Good(S.k.o.o.b.y-D.o.o)

The Band - (I Don't Want To) Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes

Rod Bernard - This Should Go On Forever

Billy & Lillie - Lucky Ladybug

Stephen Bishop - On And On

The Cadets - Stranded In The Jungle

Al Caiola And His Orchestra - Bonanza

Frankie Calen - Joanie

Captain & Tennille - Love Will Keep Us Together

Captain & Tennille - Circles

Joe "Fingers" Carr - Portuguese Washerwomen

The Chantels - Well I Told You

Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack

City Boy -

Cooper Brothers - The Dream Never Dies

Gene Cotton - You're A Part Of Me - Duet With Kim Carnes

Damita Jo - I'll Be There

Vic Damone - You Were Only Fooling(While I Was Falling In Love)

Charlie Daniels - Uneasy Rider

Dean And Jean - Tra La La La Suzy

Tommy Dee - Three Stars

Deep Purple - Black Night

DeJohn Sisters - (My Baby Don't Love Me) No More

Detroit Emeralds - Do Me Right

Neil Diamond - Stones

Neil Diamond - I've Been This Way Before

Donnie And The Dreamers - Count Every Star

The Ducanes - I'm So Happy(Tra La La)

Eagles - Take It Easy

Eagles - Outlaw Man

Duane Eddy - Theme From Dixie

Barbara Evans - Charlie Wasn't There

Foghat - What A Shame

Connie Francis - Roundabout

Gene & Jerry - You Just Can't Win(By Making The Same Mistake)

Jesse Green - Nice And Slow

Andy Griffith - What It Was Was Football

Henry Gross - One More Tomorrow

Merle Haggard - Okie From Muskogee

The Headboys - The Shape Of Things To Come

Clarence Henry - You Always Hurt The One You Love

Ferlin Husky - Wings Of A Dove

Janis Ian - Society's Child(Baby I've Been Thinking)

The Innocents - Beware

The Jackson 5 - Sugar Daddy

Michael Jackson - Ben

Dick Jacobs, His Orchestra & Chorus - Petticoats Of Portugal

The James Gang - Must Be Love

Jan & Dean - Wanted One Girl

Jefferson Starship - Miracles - Full Length Version

The Jerms - Green Door

Elton John - Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

Elton John - Philadelphia Freedom

Tom Johnston - Savannah Nights

Murry Kellum - Long Tall Texan

Andy Kim - I Wish I Were

Bob Lind - Remember The Rain

Lobo - She Didn't Do Magic

Henry Mancini & His Orchestra & Chorus - Days Of Wine And Roses

Bette Midler - Married Men

Ocean - Deep Enough For Me

The Original Casuals - So Tough

Johnny Otis Show - Castin' My Spell

Reg Owen And His Orchestra - Manhattan Spiritual

Patty & The Emblems - Mixed Up Shook Up Girl

Pawnee Drive - Break My Mind

Pink Floyd - Money - Single Edit

Gary Puckett And The Union Gap - Let's Give Adam And Eve Another Chance

Lou Rawls - A Natural Man

Helen Reddy - The Happy Girls - Single Edit

The Regents - Runaround

Emitt Rhodes - Somebody Made For Me

Charlie Rich - Beautiful Woman

Johnny Rodriguez - Ridin' My Thumb To Mexico

Kenny Rogers - Daytime Friends

Timmie Oh Yeah! Rogers - Back To School Again

David Rose And His Orchestra - Holiday For Trombones

Joe Simon - Step By Step

Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

Sweet - Co-Co

T. Rex - Telegram Sam

10cc - Rubber Bullets - Single Edit

B.J. Thomas - Most Of All

Three Dog Night - Easy To Be Hard

Tiny Tim - Hello Hello

Tiny Tim - Great Balls Of Fire

Tower Of Power - What Is Hip?

The Velvets - Tonight(Could Be The Night)

Village People - Y.M.C.A.

Village People - In The Navy

Village People - Ready For The 80's

Jennifer Warnes - Right Time Of The Night

Dionne Warwick - Don't Make Me Over - Mono Single Mix

Dionne Warwick - Anyone Who Had A Heart

Dionne Warwick - Message To Michael

Dionne Warwick - Do You Know The Way To San Jose

Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music - Full Length Version